Scott Frankum

Technology Strategy = Business Strategy


Let Me Help You  Build Durable Strength Online


I help clients transform their businesses to get more from online marketing tools. I’m expert with fast starts, but especially with the durable competitive advantage that comes from building for the long game.

I create highly capable websites that get found via SEO, organic search, email marketing, content strategy and social signals. Want to do more with less? Leverage unique skills in automating business processes via CRMs, contract management, booking calendars, bidding systems...almost anything into a unified, end-to-end whole. I build simple sites, too. Think of me as a one-person agency and get in touch to put your tech game on the right track, amplify content with more personality or convert more customers.


I help small businesses use technology to do new things


Holistic Digital Practices

I know lots about websites, E-Commerce, advertising, design, technology, sales, copywriting, positioning, integrated marketing, promotions, product development, social media, influencer marketing, organic search, SEO and public relations. I have industry experience in retail, manufacturing, luxury, travel, import / export, financial services, furniture / home, health / pharma, personal care, medical travel and real estate. 

A One Stop, Outsourced Marketing Department

Businesses need to exist online or be invisible to key, high-spending market segments. I help companies identify leads and convert digital activity into customers and sales. Today’s websites are cheaper and more powerful than ever with integrated marketing and process improvements. That said, the days of set-it-and-forget-it websites are over. Search evolves constantly and every quality signal that improves your search results relies on consistently improving how you help customers find what they need.  That said, you still need to project brand. Older approaches don't work.  To win your segment it is necessary to play the long game and consistently build strength online.

To be found, you have to push on the more than 256 levers Google includes in its algorithmic quality score plus 500 sub-algorithms. No company can act on all 256 well, so we’ll identify the factors with real impact in your space. Over 60% of search is on mobile these days (70% in some categories).  This means you'll want to build mobile forward/mobile first. If you serve customers locally, you’ll want to lock-in local search with Structured Data SEO. I also place Pay-Per-Click (PPC) programs.

We can accomplish these tasks in any way that works for you. I'm a solid designer who keeps up with digital trends and the Adobe Creative Cloud tools so you don't have to. Your online presence simply performs.

“I'm a Tech Developer, SEO, & Creative Director with Wanderlust & an MBA”